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The BCAA/SCAS WA1440 Results are Now Available

The documents below are now available on the Tournaments Page.


Tournament Results:


Kestrels 33rd Worcester Tournament 2017

Kestrels 12th Portsmouth Tournament 2016

Kestrels 16th

Double National Tournament 2016

Kestrels 20th

St George / Albion / Windsor Tournament 2016 

SCAS/BCAA Double WA1440 Tournament (World Record Status)

(Incorporating Bedfordshire County Championships)

15th-16th July 2017

Entry Forms

Kestrels 17th Double National Tournament

10th September 2017

Kestrels 13th Portsmouth Tournament

8th October 2017

Kestrels 34th Worcester Tournament

4the February 2018




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Kestrels Archery Club are hosting an open day - why not come along and challenge yourself!
Budding bowmen and aspiring archers are invited to try out archery at our club, completely free on Saturday June 17th 2017 from 2pm at our field in Furzenhall Road, Biggleswade - See You There!!

The Outdoor Season is Upon Us!


Yes, it's here! What a great start to the season with a great combined effort to extend our HQ at Furzenhall Road. Having acquired the shed next door, we now have room to spread out and store our equipment! We also now have new distance markers on the field and it is looking great for the new season. Lets all make the most of our great facilities on club nights. Hope you all have a great season!



The Sun Shone for Kestrels National

 What glorious weather we've had this year for our two outdoor open tournaments this year! A fine community of archers basked in the late summer sunshine at the Kestrels Double National Tournament on September 11th. Several Kestrels archers walked away with awards following some stiff competition. Full report will follow soon! The results are now available on the Tournaments Page.


KestrelsĀ AC Receives a Flypast at St George, Albion, Windsor Tournament!

Well, we can't guarantee this at all of our tournaments, but archers at the Kestrels St George, Albion and Windsor Tournament this year were entertained in the afternoon break this year by the RAF Red Arrows. Very nice of them to fly over in a nice arrow formation! The results are available on ourĀ Tournaments page along with details of all forthcoming open tournaments.

Kestrels Archery Club Child Protection

Kestrels Archery Club operates an open-door policy and supports the GNAS Child Protection Policy available here. All adult members coaching and training the juniors of the club comply with the Child Protection Policy. In support of that policy it is a requirement of the Club that for all juniors under the age of 16 years, their parent /guardian must remain with them at all club shooting evenings and tournaments.  Minor physical contact may be necessary as part of any instruction and coaching they may receive. All parents /guardians are required to sign a form to accept and agree to the above conditions. This is part of the Application for Membership form. Any questions relating to the above policy should be directed to the Child Protection Officer.