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The BCAA/SCAS WA1440 Results are Now Available

The documents below are now available on the Tournaments Page.


Tournament Results:


Kestrels 33rd Worcester Tournament 2017

Kestrels 12th Portsmouth Tournament 2016

Kestrels 16th

Double National Tournament 2016

Kestrels 20th

St George / Albion / Windsor Tournament 2016 

SCAS/BCAA Double WA1440 Tournament (World Record Status)

(Incorporating Bedfordshire County Championships)

15th-16th July 2017

Entry Forms

Kestrels 17th Double National Tournament

10th September 2017

Kestrels 13th Portsmouth Tournament

8th October 2017

Kestrels 34th Worcester Tournament

4the February 2018




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Kestrels Have-A-Go's


Throughout the outdoor season (March to September) members of Kestrels may often frequent local fetes, fairs and other events. 


If you would be interested in having us along for your event in 2016, or for a bespoke corporate event, please contact our chairman, Martin Gascoigne(details on Contacts page.)



Beginners Courses


In order to become a member of Kestrels or any other archery club, you will need to attend a beginners course. Here you learn all the basics about safety, shooting form and equipment. Upon completion of this, you will receive a certificate entitling you to join an Archery GB affiliated club.


We will put up details of our next beginners course when these are finalised. For further information, please contact the course organiser (details on the Contacts page).