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The BCAA/SCAS WA1440 Results are Now Available

The documents below are now available on the Tournaments Page.


Tournament Results:


Kestrels 33rd Worcester Tournament 2017

Kestrels 12th Portsmouth Tournament 2016

Kestrels 16th

Double National Tournament 2016

Kestrels 20th

St George / Albion / Windsor Tournament 2016 

SCAS/BCAA Double WA1440 Tournament (World Record Status)

(Incorporating Bedfordshire County Championships)

15th-16th July 2017

Entry Forms

Kestrels 17th Double National Tournament

10th September 2017

Kestrels 13th Portsmouth Tournament

8th October 2017

Kestrels 34th Worcester Tournament

4the February 2018




Kestrels Open Tournaments




Kestrels Archery Club runs two indoor and two outdoor open tournaments each year. Please see opposite and click the appropriate links for entry forms, target lists and results.


For maps to the venues, please click below:


Stratton School, Biggleswade


Sandy Sports and Community Centre 






Selected BCAA and SCAS Tournaments


SCAS/BCAA Double WA1440 Tournament 2017 Incorporating Bedfordshire County Championships. (World Record Status)

15th / 16th July 2017




Redborne Upper School and Community College, Flitwick Road, Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2NU


Double and Single Gents, Ladies and Cadet Ladies WA1440 rounds and Metrics I to V



                       2017 Results













Kestrels 34th Worcester Tournament

(UK Record Status)

4th February 2018




Sandy Sports & Community Centre, Engayne Avenue, Sandy SG19 1BL


Single and Double Rounds



Entry Form 2018                     2017 Results





Kestrels 20th St George / Albion Tournament

(UK Record Status) 




Stratton School, Eagle Farm Road

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8JB



Results 2016



Our apologies, but this years event has now been cancelled





Kestrels 16th Double National Tournament

(UK Record Status)

10th September 2017




Stratton School, Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8JB


New National, Long National, National. (Short National, Junior National, and Short Junior National according to age of juniors).



2016 Results                       Entry Form 2017




Kestrels 13th Portsmouth Tournament

8th October 2017




Stratton School, Eagle Farm Road

Biggleswade, Bedfordsire SG18 8JB


Single and Double rounds


Entry Form 2017                           2016 Results






Details and entry forms for many of the UK tournaments may be found on the Archery GB website. Please follow this link to be re-directed