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The Results from Kestrels 18th Double National Tournament are now available

Entry forms for 

Kestrels 14th Portsmouth Tournament 14th October 2018 and Kestrels 35th Worcester Tournament on 3rd February 2019 are

also now available!

The documents below are now available on the Tournaments Page.


Tournament Results:


Kestrels 34th Worcester Tournament 2018

Kestrels 13th Portsmouth Tournament 2017

Kestrels 18th

Double National Tournament 2018

Kestrels 1st York Hereford Tournament 2018

SCAS/BCAA Double WA1440 Tournament (World Record Status)

(Incorporating Bedfordshire County Championships)

15th-16th July 2017

Entry Forms

Kestrels 1st York Hereford Bristols Tournament

13th May 2018

SCAS/BCAA Double WA1440 Tournament (World Record Status) 14th-15th July 2018

Kestrels 18th Double National Tournament

9th September 2018




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Kestrels Archery Beginners Course 15th/17th and 22nd/24th August 2018



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Dave Draper delights in his finest hour. A maximum '60' with his favourite 'Have-A-Go' bow at all of 10 metres!